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SEPT 22 2018


On Saturday, the 22nd of September, you are invited to participate in the Elkhart County Seek, a treasure hunt adventure with $1000 to be won. Sleuths in teams up to 6 will test their wits in a battle of clue following, code-breaking, and puzzle-solving. 
Participating teams race as the clock ticks to find and decode a series of interactive clues that 

intertwine with Elkhart County’s rich history in each of its unique communities, discovering secrets in places they may have missed before. The teams to complete the challenges and locate the treasure at the ultimate destination will be awarded up to $1000 in cash prizes!
Pre-Registration is required. If you would like to participate, register today. 

Further Information:
• Admission is Free – there is no cost to participate- (yes you read that right).
• Participants will be responsible for organizing their own teams that can ride safely in one vehicle (up to 6). Solo seekers are also allowed. 
• Teams may choose from starting locations, all teams will complete the same challenges in all areas and end in the same location. 
• Any codebreaker, detective, investigator, searcher, or historian of good will is invited to enter. Participation is not limited by age, residency or prior knowledge. 
• A limited number of teams may participate in this challenge, so reserve your spot early. The first 100 participants will make up the inner circle of seekers. 
• 24 hours before the event you will receive instructions, on Saturday at 9am you will receive the first challenge. 
• Teams will be required to drive to different areas of Elkhart County to solve the mysteries. Teams may move at their own pace, depending on how competitive they wish to be. 
• Teams will have until 8pm to finish the treasure hunt. Although many will finish before that and some may not finish at all. 
• The immersive story, mystery, and challenges are designed for entertainment and enjoyment of those who long for adventure.
• Good luck, and may the treasure of Elkhart county be discovered! 

Watch intro to the story 

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