Here at Catch 23 we love to PLAY! 


We love interactive games that create true experiences and bring people to life!  We offer hosted games for any size party or event at affordable prices. 


Below are some of the games that we love to create for events and parties.  We customize and adapt all of our games to fit your location, group size, personality, occasion and goals. Because what we do is so customized, the next step is a call to discuss what kind of fun you want at your event! 

Call 574-253-2869 to chat with Rocki about your party, event or project. 

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Ideal for groups of 10 to 200.

Best in locations where teams can spread out, access public areas inside or out.  Parks, urban areas, malls, conferences.

Duration is 1 to 4 hours, to your specs.

High Tech or Low Tech versions of Scavenger Hunts are available.

Our team scavenger hunts start with “the list” which includes a variety of challenges, ranging from the creative to the absurd, the challenging and the obvious. Teams try to earn the most points by completing the most challenges from the list in the time allowed, submitting photo proof of it all. The event begins with a pre-hunt briefing that encourages participants to let loose, to work together, to fully engage and enjoy the experience and ends with a post-hunt wrap up that includes a slideshow of the photos taken during the hunt, awards and wrap up reflection.

Escape Room 

Ideal for groups of 50 to 1000   Geared to adults and teens.  Can be modified for family play. 

Best in a location that can be isolated and set with props we provide – could be a tent, hotel room, conference room, office or breakroom.

Event Duration will need to be long enough to allow all participants to play in rotations of teams of 2 to 5.   Room time limit will be set according to need. 10  to 30 minute mini-game or 45 to 60 minute full game for smaller groups or multi-day events.

An abbreviated escape room can be set up at your event for guests to try as teams. Teamwork is required as they use their logic and quick thinking to find hidden clues, solve puzzles, decipher messages, and unlock the answer before their time is up!  A leaderboard is kept of teams who escape the quickest. The immersive storyline and even some of the puzzles can be customized for your event to include company challenges or products. 

Also ask about our tabletop large group mobile Escape Adventure.


 Ideal for groups of 10 to 200   All ages can play. 

Best in locations where a stage or 12 x 12 space can be seen by the group but can be played nearly anywhere.  Can be set up to be a booth size game where players can walk up to play or as a stage show. 

Duration is 1 to 4 hours depending on the size of your group.

If you’ve seen the TV show Minute To Win It then you know what you’re in for. Your teams will compete for the top spot in our team-based version of the popular game show. Instead of flying solo your team will have to complete 1 minute wacky challenges to try and outscore the competition. You’ll be laughing hysterically from the first to last challenges. These are the perfect competition after a long day of meetings or for a party or goal reached celebration. 

Game ShowDown

Ideal for groups of 10 to 150Best in locations where a stage or 12 x 18 space can be seen by the group but can be played nearly anywhere.Duration is 1 to 3 hours depending on the size of your group.

We’ve mashed up your favorite game shows, board games and epic pub trivia then shaken in a little wackiness to give you Game Showdown.  Something for everyone, team based and completely customizable. This game entertains and trains.   If requested, we can customize rounds to test product or company knowledge. Perfect after a long day of training and breakout sessions.


Not your Grandma’s Bingo

Ideal for Corporate Events, Conferences, Church or Club Dinners, Staff Parties, Meetings

Best in locations where seating is at round tables, with teams of 5  – 10

Duration can be 60 minutes to 2 hours

This group game is as much like a scavenger hunt as it is a bingo game. A surprising and entertaining mix of interaction, excitement, fast paced fun, and can be customized especially for your event.

Play rounds that include Music Bingo, Trivia Bingo, Crazy Challenge Bingo, People Bingo.  The atmosphere is lively and friendly, instead of calling out numbers, music is played or questions are asked, you cross off answers or musical artists that match on your card.

 It’s great fun and the prizes can be awarded for teams or individuals.

Bingo variations include: 

  • People Bingo challenges you to find people who have done specific things listed on your bingo card (someone who has ran a marathon, can touch their tongue to their nose, is wearing socks with a cartoon character on them, someone who knows sign language, etc).
  • Crazy Challenge Bingo Teams you up to accomplish the challenges listed on your card (build a pyramid, sing bingo, make a house of cards, post a team picture to social media, etc).
  • Trivia Bingo can be customized to your company, celebration or can be pub style trivia questions.
  • Music Bingo will make you figure out the artist or title of the music being played.  This round is known to get people out of their seat dancing or singing along.



 Ideal for any size group.   Can be played with multiple couples or with just one couple. 

Best in locations where a stage or 12 x 12 space can be seen by the group but can be played nearly anywhere.  

Ideal for a special anniversary parties – even if it is just your extended family.  Also works for senior groups, or modified as pub entertainment.

Formatted similarly to the classic tv game show, this is a highly entertaining game, hilarious and touching, a perfect way to reminisce and honor a long time marriage.   


Ideal for any size group.   Can be played with multiple couples or with just one couple. 

Best in locations where a stage or 12 x 12 space can be seen by the group but can be played nearly anywhere.  

Ideal for wedding showers – even if it is just your extended family.  Also works for pub games, festivals etc. 

Formatted similarly to the classic tv game show, this is a highly entertaining game, hilarious and fun.  For women only showers or bachelorette parties the groom’s answers can be video taped for a multimedia presentation.    


Ideal for any size group from 10 to 300

Adapted for your location – a ballroom, church, restaurant or stage, this game can be played anywhere – even in your living room! 

Ideal for a special birthday – think 50, 60, 70 and up.  Also works for an anniversary or retirement party. 

Memory Block is a quiz show style game where the guest of honor is the contestant and the questions are from his/her own life!  Loved ones and guests are surveyed to create this fun quiz that doubles as a walk down memory lane.

Trivia Geek

Ideal for any size group or location.

Great for parties, bars, clubs, sales meetings and more. 

Trivia Geek is a more than your regular pub trivia game.  This quiz breaks the ice, brings the laughs and makes any event unique and memorable.  Catch 23’s trivia game can be tailored to suit your needs and the quiz customized, featuring questions about your guest of honor, business or sponsors.  With audio rounds and a nod to some game show favorites, this game is fun for all ages.  In fact, Granny might be in Jr.’s face shouting “Gershwin!”    by the end of this game.  

 Children’s Birthday Parties

Any size, any age group.  We are experts at creating magical themed parties., Call us today to learn about what we offer.  Tell us about your child and we will give you some ideas.  We can make a game for you to facilitate or we can provide a host for a game at your location.  OR if you want we can plan an entire themed party, complete with prizes, invitations, and characters, custom games and adventures. 



Save Santa

Catch 23 Santa Escape is an immersive story that works similar to an escape room or clue hunt.  Your guests work at their tables to solve the mystery by unlocking clues and puzzles, earning hints with silly challenges, and collaborating with the entire room to help save Santa in an hour or less.  The finale can include a REAL LIFE SANTA who delivers candy canes, gifts, bonus checks or whatever you desire.  This escape style puzzle game is adapted and personalized for your event, group size, ages, and location. 


Reindeer Games  

   A surprising and entertaining mix of interaction, excitement, & fast-paced fun. Reindeer Games are played in rounds that include just the right amount of seasonal trivia, favorite holiday tunes, and competitions that are lively and light, and we incorporate the reason for the season, for a dose of true holiday spirit.   

We customize the Reindeer Games to your event, location, personality and group size.  

Prizes can be provided. 


Holiday Hunts

With several different Hunt formats, we can create adventures for holiday events that include cryptic clues, seasonal trivia, puzzles, photo and video challenges. Our popular photo scavenger hunt is a great way to create memories with family and friends and is customized to your location and group size. Holiday Hunts include a set of fun holiday challenges and can be designed to inspire the spirit of charity and giving or as a special way to ring in the new year!   As an option, we can create a hunt delivered via mobile app!  

 Children’s Parties

 Ask about how you can make your event special for the kids. A Christmas Interactive Story and a visit from Santa creates big smiles and lasting memories for children and parents.  Affordable and adaptable to any space this is a special touch for any party- from a small extended family gathering to a club or company-wide party…we will bring the holiday magic! 


Contact usfor many more games and adventures that we can create for your team or event.