Catch 23 

Our Playful Purpose. 

Catch 23 is a creative service provider dedicated to producing immersive and engaging storytelling through events, games, promotions, and entertainment. 

As a print and promotion provider, Catch 23 offers solutions for event, music and festival marketing, as well as original music and script writing for special projects.


Rocki Stillson and Cooper Stillson are the founders of Catch 23.  Aspiring to do what they love for work and play – Catch 23 makes use of their talents and passions.  Rocki says,  “Catch 23 is a creative service provider, a catch-all, if you will, for everything we love to do. It is our side hussle on steriods. It is our work and our play.” 

Rocki Stillson  – “Inventor of fun” and “entertainer” have been lifelong roles for Rocki. Her past experience-  as a professional stage and commercial actress,  as an event coordinator for her family’s business in Phoenix, then the past 15 years working in marketing and promotions – all come into play at Catch 23.  

Rocki became known for the creative, over the top birthday parties she hosted, the treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, and quiz games she made for family and friends evolved into creating community events, and custom games for businesses, fundraisers, private parties and experiential brand marketing.   

Cooper Stillson tells stories through music, lights and immersive multimedia. A multi-instrument musician and composer, an EDM producer and DJ.  He is a music festival specialist.   

“We aspire to do what we love for work and play.”


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Because our services are so customized, the next step is a phone call with the Catch 23 game master. Tell us about your event or project and then we will walk you through ideas that would work for your event/project.  We are excited to hear from you.  Consultation is absolutely free, NO OBLIGATION, NO STRINGS ATTACHED.  Just info and ideas!  

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